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Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools That Can Generate Code To Help Programmers

What are the best AI code tools in 2023?

For many developers, using AI coding tools has become common practice. And today you'll discover which code generators are the top ones available for using AI to produce high-quality code.

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What is the AI code?

Starting at the beginning

Can AI write programs?

What you should know is as follows.

Is it possible to code with AI tools?

Absolutely, using AI technologies does make it possible to code. Starting at the beginning

Code created by artificial intelligence is known as AI code (AI). These AI systems are capable of translating between different programming languages and writing their own programs. Also, they help with automatic documentation generation and speedy code snippet discovery.

Open AI's Codex, an AI system that converts natural language to code, is one of the most well-known tools. Another well-liked AI coding tool, GitHub Copilot, is powered by Codex.

Simple commands in natural language can be understood by OpenAI Codex, which can then execute them on the programmer's behalf. This makes it feasible to add new functionality with a natural language interface on top of the current program.

OpenAI Codex may be used for nearly any programming assignment because it is a general-purpose programming paradigm. The tool is still in testing, so outcomes may vary.

Another tool that is upending the market is AlphaCode by DeepMind. It's interesting to see that in some cases, this program performs better than human coders. You see, in coding contests with at least 5,000 competitors, AlphaCode outperformed 45% of programmers.

Yet there are also issues with code generators. Because of this, AI coding tools are employed to enhance developer productivity and efficiency rather than to completely replace them.

For instance, a research team linked with Stanford discovered that engineers who utilize AI technologies are more likely to introduce security flaws in their products. Also, issues with copyright are still open for debate.

In other words, it's still not entirely safe to employ AI coding tools. However, despite this, these tools cannot be disregarded due to their widespread use.

What is the language of AI code?

Languages that the AI code generator supports are used to create AI code. OpenAI Codex, for instance, is most proficient in Python but is also competent in a number of other languages, including as JavaScript, Ruby, and TypeScript.

Let's now examine the top code generators currently available.

The top creators of AI code

What are some efficient generators of AI code? The most well-known ones include ChatGPT by OpenAI, Copilot by Github, and OpenAI Codex.

Yet, there are a lot of alternative tools available. Here is a list of them, complete with descriptions of their qualities, potential applications, and the firms that created them. Let's start now!

The top AI code generators for 2023 are listed below.

1. OpenAI Codex 

The most well-known AI coding tool currently accessible is OpenAI Codex. It has been trained on trillions of lines of code and is based on GPT-3. The application can be used with more than a dozen different programming languages.

OpenAI Codex  free AI CODER

No pricing details are available.

2. Tabnine

Tabnine enhances the integrated development environment's (IDE) auto-completion capabilities even though it is not an end-to-end code generator. When he was a student at the University of Waterloo, Jacob Jackson developed Tabnine in Rust, and it has now developed into a comprehensive AI-based code completion tool.

Tabnine supports more than 20 languages and 15 editors, including popular IDEs like VS Code, IntelliJ, Android Studio, and even Vim. For $432 a year, a group of three developers could purchase it.

Tabnine code generator AI tool


Researchers at SalesForce created the open-source programming language paradigm known as CodeT5. The T5 (Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer) framework from Google is its foundation. The researchers used approximately 8.35 million instances of code, together with user comments, from openly available GitHub projects to train CodeT5. The bulk of these datasets was obtained from the CodeSearchNet dataset, containing two C and C# datasets from BigQuery, along with Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Python, PHP, and C and C#.

CodeT5 Ai TOOL

4. Polycoder

A Polycoder competition is available on OpenAI's Codex. The GPT-2 model from OpenAI, which was trained using a 249 GB codebase written in 12 distinct programming languages, served as the foundation for the model produced by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. PolyCoder's developers assert that the program can code C with greater accuracy than any other model, including Codex. Even though the majority of code generators are not open-source, Polycoder is one of the first.

Polycoder AI TOOL


Cogram is a Berlin-based business that uses Jupyter Notebooks and SQL queries to write code for Python programmers and data scientists. Data scientists can write queries in English, and the tool will translate them into sophisticated SQL queries with joins and grouping. It supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and Amazon Redshift.

Python and Julia programmers can use Cogram to generate code automatically in Jupyter Notebooks. Based on the remarks, the program might offer contextual code for a particular job. Data scientists can utilize even ordinary Python modules like Matplotlib, Plotly, or Seaborn to build visualizations.

6. GitHub Copilot 

You may help yourself write better code with GitHub Copilot, an AI tool. It can help you write code and improve your ability to understand the code of others. Github Copilot runs on GPT-3 and OpenAI Codex.

There is always space for improvement, as programmers are well aware. It might not always be easy to find the time to do this. AI-based methods could be helpful in this situation. You might get better code written more quickly with the help of AI technologies.


DeepCode is an AI-powered code review tool that looks through your code and offers recommendations for enhancements. Its many features include lining, code completion, and refactoring. DeepCode is free for open-source projects, but commercial businesses can purchase a premium membership.


Kite is a free AI-powered code completion tool for Python. Machine learning will provide you with instant code completions. Access to premium services like sophisticated code analysis and refactoring tools is now available through Kite for a price. Due to its support for more than 16 languages and 16 code editors, Kite distinguishes out from the competition. Kite receives frequent updates, which increase its dependability and efficiency compared to other machine-learning code tools.


Deep learning is used by the AI-powered code completion tool TabNine to suggest potential code completions. This is done by taking a piece of code and then providing related pieces of code that could be used to the same problem. TabNine is free and supports more than 50 programming languages.


WordPress's code-generation tool We are Isotropic, the company that made CodeWP. This platform provides JavaScript and PHP functions as well as settings for popular page builders and plugins like WooCommerce. It is specially created and enhanced for individuals who build WordPress websites.

Writing complex queries, creating shortcodes, and completing tasks that would typically take hundreds of minutes to complete precisely are all made simple by CodeWP. Both "nontechnical" WordPress designers and developers are the intended audiences.


A comprehensive toolkit called AskCodi leverages AI to help programmers and developers produce more quickly. It can be used in a variety of ways, from writing code in many languages to creating documentation from already written code. It covers all phases of development, from writing code to documentation! Also, you may quickly create numerous tests and build your own SQL queries. These numerous feature sets seek to increase the effectiveness of workflow by utilizing AI to help all developers iterate and ship more quickly.


Static code analysis software called Codiga is compatible with a wide range of platforms, IDEs, and other applications. It is a product that places a strong emphasis on security and supports in-the-moment automatic code rewriting. It is, in essence, a method to ensure that your code is as effective, secure, and clean as possible. The most popular languages are supported by the platform, including Java, YML, JavaScript, typescript, and ruby.

This will help you analyze the code that you and your team have already written, but you'll still need assistance writing new code. Thus it is more quicker and more efficient when sending a manufactured good.

13.Visual Studio IntelliCode

IntelliCode, a software from Microsoft, enables AI-assisted coding. It comes pre-integrated with the Microsoft IDE Visual Studio. In Visual Studio Code, it is compatible with Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript; in Visual Studio, it supports C# and XAML.

500,000 open-source GitHub projects with at least 100 ratings were used to train this AI code completion tool. As a result, it can provide you more informed advice while taking the situation and the current code into account.


Want to produce the most complex applications with increased productivity? Use PyCharm, a comprehensive development environment created especially for Python programmers.

You can use it to improve AI's capacity for code completion. Your coding activities can be finished more quickly and your attention can be diverted to more important duties thanks to PyCharm's keyboard-centric design. It allows for quick fixes, error checking while in motion, easy project navigation, and clever code completion.

15. AIXcoder

Your codes are handled by AI technology so that you can use your brainpower to tackle harder and more pressing problems. AIXcoder is a pair of intelligent programmers for your development team. Deep learning models are used, which were developed using millions of lines of open-source code. As a result, it might offer guidelines appropriate for your circumstance. If you are concerned about data security and privacy, use the offline version to keep your code secure on your computer.

With the support for deeply tailored customization for your team or business, this code completion engine can help you achieve more throughout the development process. It also compiles coding statistics to give you personalized code assessment standards.


Do you want to produce flawless software and deliver it on schedule? Then, it's time to empower your team using Ponicode. This approach allows you to produce code more rapidly and with the best possible degree of quality while doing the least amount of labor.

You can begin the easier-than-it-was process of creating apps after less than a minute of installation. It will help you eliminate tiresome tasks by striking a balance between originality, speed, and high-quality coding. Now you can write future-proof, industrial-grade software that is devoid of errors and flaws. Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript programmers can utilize this solution for free.

17.Wing Pro

To fast code in Python, you should make use of the intelligent editor Wing Pro. This editor analyzes both static and dynamic code to offer superb, situation-specific recommendations. It also provides you with a sophisticated error-checking tool for a better editing experience. Both the built-in Python shells and the auto-completion feature of the editor are available. This tool has a Source Assistant that continuously updates to offer call ideas, type information, and inline documentation. It also automatically inserts function and method arguments as you write code. You can view the invocation using Wing Pro and set your settings correctly.

3. ChatGPT

Created by OpenAI, the AI chatbot ChatGPT has become hugely popular, and finding different ways to use it has become a major trend. By taking advantage of transformers, ChatGPT can broaden its contextual awareness and sound very human-like. It has a wider scope of responses and can even generate code. But just like with any other AI tool, ChatGPT code might include bugs, be difficult to maintain, including security vulnerabilities, and so on. As already mentioned, AI code tools are still no replacement for human developers, even if they can be incredibly helpful in speeding up the process.

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